Blogger supports Google’s Adsense to make money through advertisements while other blog hosts put a banner on your pages and keep the income for them … Adsense can be used on your own site as well.

Amazon affiliate

Help sell the products of others. The principle here is to make book reviews or just mention a book on your blog, once you are registered to the program. A link is provided to visitors to the blog to click to Amazon which then provides more information about the book.

Visit Amazon and click on the Join Associates link at the bottom of the page. There are many steps to create an account. Your revenue is dependent on both product clicks from your blog and the percentage awarded to this product.


French advertising agency specializing in blogs. It connects advertisers and bloggers and provides tools to access advertiser campaigns and engage a relationship.


With this service (English) you can choose the price of advertisements. You save your blog in a database that is visited by large companies that choose blogs for a set duration. You do not depend on clicks: you give 20% of your income (you have set the amount) to Blogads. You are free to approve or decline the advertisements that are offered on your blog.

Advertisers And Affiliate Program

Advertisers And Affiliate Program – Photo Credit: Share Results

Commission Junction

Affiliate program for e-Bay among others.


This is another affiliate program where you earn money when people buy products from your blog.

How To Make 200 Dollars In One Day Through Adsense

Do you have any idea how to make 200 dollars in one day through adsense? Some sites, run by a small team, and sometimes just one person, such as, announce up to $ 250,000 in revenue per month, thanks to a significant number of visitors. More details in the Adsense FAQ . The Techcrunch blog was sold for $ 30 million in 2011.

Using Adsense is very simple since you only need to select a format and place the corresponding JavaScript code on your HTML pages, but several steps must be completed before you can receive the first payment.

For 1000 unique visits, it is not uncommon to earn $ 3 per day, but this amount can be increased significantly through referrals. Indeed, several types of advertisements are proposed:

  • Contextual ads. These are images or ad groups chosen by Google, whose subject is related to the content of the page. The closer the relationship, and the more important the income.
  • Researches. A Google search bar on your site or on the web can display ads on the results pages and earn money when visitors click on those ads.

The key to increasing your income is integration and investment.

The choice of ad format and the best placements are given in the Adsense tutorial .

Integration is about marrying the appearance of the ad with that of the page.