You have a blog and you want to turn into a real website to earn money on the internet thanks to this, you do not miss the point that it is possible. in the web there are many bloggers who earn hundreds Euro per day through their blog. all will depend on what kind of blog you have and what category of articles you publish.

If you’re wanting to know how to make 200 dollars in one day, well, you can make money pretty fast with a blog.

What is a blog ?

A blog is a space where authors express themselves either by informing others or by offering the products, most often a blog is a set up web pages similar to a website, some blog have become very famous in the web. there are many free blog hosting and the best known and use are:  Blogger and wordpress .

How to make 200 dollars in one day with a blog?

There are many ways to monetize a blog or website. You can register with an advertising publisher to post paid ads in your blog or Exp: google Adsense website. To earn money frankly with a website or blog you have to sell your own products such as: Sell ​​Ebook , tips , offer web services and others. I will write you a special article for this purpose very soon.

After reading this phase you would already know how to get a free website . Most often a blog is incomplete compared to a website. the only difference is that you do not pay for hosting, bandwidth, and sometimes storage. what it takes to be similar to a totally free website .

  • Have a domain name
  • Having a Design using a Professional or Free Template
  • Articles
  • SEO

Step 1 : Have a domain name

The domain name is a shortened address of your website that will allow the user to remember more easily your website. It also demonstrates the professionalism of your blog. the domain name is the equivalent of your mailing address and as you know to find it you must have it.

Step 2 : Install a CMS Design or Template

For not having to program an entire website it is recommended to use a Template. The Template is the apparent structure of the website indeed are design. It is choose based on the idea that you have for your blog or depending on the content of your blog.

Step 3 : Write Articles

The most important part of the website is are contained, impotent as for a house are the furniture. Visitors will be attracted to your website if the content interests them, like for example you are in this site because this articles interest you.

Step 4 : SEO of the website

Your site is not yet accessible by many people, so you do not have a lot of traffic. What is needed is to work on the referencing of the site so that it can appear in the results of the search engines when a surfer makes a search. the major part of visitors come from search engines, refer your blog will make you climb or still occupy an important place in the search results.