You can get the best out of your website if you put ads in it. Using ad platforms such as Google AdSense will give you an easy source of income as you blog. If you’re looking to earn money through AdSense, here’s a quick walkthrough.

What is AdSense and how do you get started?

AdSense is a Google platform that helps website owners earn money though ads. Basically, what you need to do to get started with Google AdSense is register for an account. Once you get an account set up, you will have access to different ad customizations. When you get decided on which ads you will use, you will be given a set of codes for each ad. You then paste these codes on your website’s widgets, pages or wherever you want the ads to appear.

Simply put, you will earn money depending on the amount of clicks your ads get. Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that Google also has strict policies when it comes to using AdSense. This includes limiting the amount of ads you are allowed to use or show per page. You are also not allowed to click your own ads as Google can track suspicious ad behaviors and your account can get penalized.

How do you get more ad clicks?

Before we get to the main AdSense techniques, it’s worth pointing out that having great content on your website is the best way to attract visitors. Getting more visitors means having a higher chance of getting
ad clicks. So, if possible, also focus on your blog content alongside your ad placements.

As for AdSense tricks, you can start by maxing out on ad units. AdSense allows up to three standard ads per page. Make sure to take advantage of this. Moreover, setting up a custom search engine is also a
pretty smart trick. It offers an accessible search engine to website visitors which will in turn, get you a good amount of clicks.

Experimenting on your ads is also a good move. Just as long as you’re still following Google AdSense’s guidelines, you can definitely try different combos. You can try changing the colors, experiment on ad sizes and compare different ad types. As you continue to do this, you will eventually learn what works best and what doesn’t.