How to make 200 dollars in one day with a blog?

Yes, it is possible, of course. On an internet that is structured, professionalised, in a market that continues to grow, yes, it is still possible to earn money with a blog. You will need patience, perseverance, willpower, envy.

From this I know, the MFA techniques, if they still work, are more reserved for an audience with a technical profile, with strong skills in SEO. Which is not really the profile of the average blogger .

  • From experience, I 3 solutions that work sustainably
  • Sell ​​your services (coach, consultant, …)
  • Sell ​​your products ( training courses, online courses , …)
  • Affiliation (cooking, books, clothes, …)

Overall, the beautiful era of the Wild West Web is over. To turn the bank, you must now be well armed. Dream sellers rely on two pillars that are essential to their business: a powerful network of affiliates and email databases of tens of thousands of addresses. It’s not with their blog that they make money.

Invest to make money with a blog

If you have money, you can invest heavily to advertise on Facebook and start creating a big mail database. In leisure, travel, the MMO (Make Money Online: sports betting, make money with a blog, purse, …) it’s common to see a little new bust, flood the times line of ads to build up your prospect base.

Here is an idea how to make 200 dollars in one day that you can divert: advertise to build faster your prospecting base, especially if your blog does not exceed 50/100 visitors per day. Investing a hundred euros a month will not be a luxury, and if you can put more, go for it!

In any case, you will need to invest, either in time to train, or in money to compress time and outsource what you do not know how to do, or do not want to do. But to outsource, still need to have the means, or know where to turn. If it is to pay a Malagasy with slingshot and have a wobbly job, I do not know.

Succeed to make money with blog

If you can, the ideal is to couple the different solutions. For example, you have a blog in the world of cooking.

  • You can offer a free booklet with some recipes
  • Another more fleshy, but paying
  • You can also edit yourself at Amazon
  • You can sign up on advertising agencies to display ads on your pages
  • You can offer cooking classes online, or face-to-face
  • You can do affiliating by offering your flagship articles

If it is fashionable to get the hang of fashion bloggers, no offense to many, many have managed to build their business and live very well. These girls are examples for more or less young kids. These bloggers have invested in their job, have not dropped anything, have formed (although some fart sometimes lead). One may or not not like to love EnjoyPhoenix, but his career deserves a minimum of respect. What she is doing is clearly not my cam ‘, but hat to the pussy!

The pleasure to last and earn more money

Making money with a blog is a job. In any case, to undertake is work. That does not mean you’re going to get bored, it’ll be boring. NO ! On the contrary, you will live something exciting, exhilarating, exciting, taking. Because you will do it for you.

Do it for yourself, to burst, to grow, to undertake, do it because it takes you inside, because you dream, because it makes you like! When you are in the hard, because you will be at one time or another, this motivation will be much more useful for you to overcome the obstacle. Do things for yourself, your pleasure, your desire, your project, your delirium.

Undertaking is a fabulous adventure, starting with a blog is even more fantastic! Being aware of what is waiting for you should not stop you, and if that is the case, then you are not ready to go.

The techniques to make money with a blog have been known for ages. The difficulty lies in putting it into practice. And that is not in the smile of a salesman or a saleswoman that you will find it. But well by training, testing, spending time.