What you need to know about blog and money

Here are weeks, months, even years for some of you as you skim the web to find out how to make 200 dollars in one day with a blog. You know that yes, it is possible. But you do not want to listen when you’re told it’s complicated.

You know the reality of money

You are not looking for a real solution, you are looking for more motivation, a person who will speak to you in a light tone and say “yes! It’s cool, it’s possible, it’s easy. You are looking for an idol, a person who has “succeeded” (you do not know how, or what she has invested, but you believe everything she tells you, as long as it suits your desires and of your beliefs), you are looking for someone who will surely guide you to success. And Santa Claus, do you still believe it?

Yet you know it will be complicated. This article is not the first one you read on this topic, I am not the first blogger to tell you that it is possible. On the other hand, I am certainly the only one to tell you that if you go for sorrel, you will be drooling, and not just a little!

In your defense, most of my colleagues rely on your tenacity to believe in the impossible by delivering messages of hope, travel, freedom, all well put together in smiles, seminars where everyone is happy , dynamic, and supposedly full of wheat.

Internet is real, as such, on and off the web, it’s the same fight. It is either those who have the most money to invest that will get there (money calls money leveraged), or those who will believe most in them and work like mad who go there arrive.

Make money with a blog on Google

On Google, when we ask the question “how to make 200 dollars in one day with a blog” is the fair, the flea market. I covered the first 30 results returned by the engine on more than one million!

What does it come out of? Well, you can sell dad, mom, family jewels, and if you have children, do not hesitate!

I also read all the comments left on the different articles. More than half of the authors’ blogs have now disappeared from the web. Sad reality.

Dream, reality, ethics

I understand the willingness of everyone to want to demystify blogging, money, to want to make it “easy to access”, however, it’s so easy that more than half of bloggers have disappeared from the web, purely and simply.

We must find a balance between dream and reality, between the desire to earn a max of money with a blog, and the delicate reality of the field. To read my colleagues, the cursor is thoroughly on the dream side.

I was talking about this slider story with Mehdi , from the point of view of the responsibility of the blogger / seller. As far as I’m concerned, I do not see myself explaining that everything will be easy, that it’s cool, just a niche blog, to “refer to” his site, and that’s it!

I admit that in the morning, I would have a little trouble looking at myself in the mirror. It’s not at all a list of 30 or 40 ways to monetize a blog, or another list of 30 profitable themes without notifying you a little bit of what awaits you.

It would be like explaining that the marathon of the sands is cool, the sun, the desert, landscapes of madness, the change of scenery, while hiding the health risks incurred. I do not know, I must certainly be anachronistic, however, I think that an informed blogger will go far beyond a person who does not know the difficulties that lie ahead.

In articles that offer me to make money with a blog, I found everything, anything and most importantly, lots of things that would put in a critical situation, like selling links! If Google takes your hand in the bag, too bad for you. Once again, it’s all about dosage in the question of the ethics of “trainers”.