I have separated in 5 broad categories the different sources of income used by blogs:

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital products
  • Physical products
  • Sale of services

By following article you come to know how to make 200 dollars in one day through blog.


Unlike other categories on the list, 100% of your revenue will be generated from content shared on your website or blog when you use the ads.

Advertising banners

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Banner ads are similar images to highway signs or magazine ads. In general, these are arranged in the header of your site (header), in the sidebar, in the footer or through your content.

Advertisements are present to complete the content of your blog making them more attractive to your visitors who will be qualified to the products or services that will be advertised.

Banners are often provided via an advertising agency. Advertising agencies are companies that connect advertisers with bloggers and website owners. They negotiate agreements between the two parties. It’s a bit like your agent and an advert broker for advertisers. These take a commission on the established partnership.

Some ad networks, such as Google Adsense, are fairly easy to install on your website. Others are quite selective about the types of blogs they accept in their network. Examples of advertising agencies are Google AdSense ,  Beacon Ads , BuyAndSellAds ,  24/7 Media ,  3W Regie , etc.

Can we really make money with Google AdSense?

This is a very popular and very relevant question. Google AdSense  is THE largest online advertising network. We constantly see Google Adsense ads when we surf the web.

Adsense ads come in many different forms and formats (images or text). These are published in the sidebar of the websites, in the header, the footer, inside the contents and wherever the owner of the site chooses to distribute them.

The Adsense network is a good place to start if you want to use this way to generate income because it’s easy enough to set up.

On the other hand,  if you want to make a lot of money with Google AdSense, you must either be in a rather unique niche in which advertisers will pay a lot of money per click for their ads, or you must have a lot of traffic (very difficult to get it if you are a beginner in the subject).

For these reasons, I do not necessarily recommend Google Adsense (or revenue creation through banner ads) for new bloggers.


To apply to Google AdSense  or another ad network, contact Google AdSense through their website.

If you want to get an idea of ​​prices and popular blog traffic, sites like  Beacon Ads  and  Federated Media  are places to see this kind of information.

If you’re using Google’s Adsense network, check out the best practices for Google’s ad placement. Advertisements should not affect your content.

As always, experiment. Test the locations of ads on your site to measure their profitability.

Private advertising

Private ads are very similar to ad banners. In fact, it’s the same thing except that the intermediary of the control room is removed. You are responsible for negotiating agreements directly with advertisers. Here’s a video I love about Gary Vaynerchuk who is pitching live to a potential customer to sell advertising.

The first contact can as much come from the manager of the blog (you) or the advertiser. Be clear on what each party will get in this exchange.

You do not know how much to ask? Look at other websites in the same niche as you to see how much they are asking for.

Just because you’re creating a section promoting your ads on your site does not mean that advertisers will find you and call you. Go to them. Be proactive. Find a magazine on the same subject as your blog and see who is posting in it. These companies could become your main sources of income.

Reviews and gifts

If you’ve been reading blogs for a while, you’ve probably seen articles that criticize (positive or negative) some products and services. You have probably also crossed contests through which you could earn certain prizes. The principle is simple, a company provides a product or a service to the blogger so that it makes the criticism or that it gives it to some of its readers.

I put the “gifts” portion here because some blogs charge an amount in addition to getting the product for free to give an opinion on it. It becomes a way to make your site profitable.

Tips for gifts and product / service reviews:

Do not be afraid to negotiate. This is your blog . You do not have to take everything that is offered to you. It is still your reputation that you put on the table when you make the criticism of the product in question.

If you do not want to criticize a company, ask if it would accept advertising space on your site. Mention that it will be put in the foreground for your readers.

Sponsors for a newsletter or podcast

If you have a newsletter or podcast? You can add sponsors in the same way as you would on your blog. The vast majority of podcasts I listen to always start by mentioning a sponsor for the episode of the week. You can contact potential advertisers and tell them how they might benefit from having a presence in your podcast or newsletter (or both!).

If you’re interested in launching a podcast, I suggest you visit Pat Flynn’s website. The latter is a notoriety in the field and know a great success thanks to its podcast for several years. He even created a very comprehensive guide on how to launch your podcast .

Sponsored articles

Writing a sponsored article means that you work with a certain company and write an article about their product or service. Be transparent and put in the article the nature of your relationship with the company. Be careful not to burn yourself in front of your readers by doing too many sponsored articles. Keep these to an acceptable minimum.

Summary of the “commercials” category to make a blog profitable


  • Several advertising boards are easy to set up on your blog and keep up to date
  • They are very lucrative for some bloggers
  • The inconvenients

Mobile platforms, “popup ad blockers” and others can make the ads for some readers invisible on your site, making it less profitable.

To make good income with this means of making a site profitable, it is necessary either to have a lot of traffic or a very niche and paying sector for the advertisers.

Advertising costs have dropped in recent years.

Advertisements alter the look of your site and can be annoying to your visitors.

A large majority of visitors are now insensitive to advertisements and will never click on them.

My advice for advertising

Be patient. Wait for the right partners with values ​​similar to yours.

Unless you’re already a popular blogger, this is the kind of advertising I do not recommend to beginners. It can be discouraging to install Google Adsense and see $ 1.24 as monthly income since it takes a lot of traffic to be profitable.